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Cycling holidays on farm near Siena "Pieve a Salti"

Mountain bikes in Farmhouse Siena

You can relax by taking long bike rides on trails in the green hills of Siena. Your rides will take you on mixed stretches of asphalt and gravel roads winding through olive groves, vineyards and rolling hills.
Staying at Pieve a Salti will also give the opportunity to confront the fascinating Eroica route that runs right through the farm. Once off the bike Pieve a Salti also has a wellness center, indoor heated swimming pool, outdoor pool, offers visits to wineries including the chance to taste the famous Brunello. Tuscan dishes served in our restaurant.
After a good sleep in our cozy and comfortable rooms in the renovated old farmhouses, you'll be ready to get back in the saddle for a new and fascinating journey !!

Some routes by bike from our farm near Siena

  1. Siena farmhouse mountainbike
    Crossing the Crete | average path with some demanding stretches | about 40 km

    The departure from Pieve a Salti is breathtaking! Starts with a steep and demanding gravel descent through the woods leading to the Fosso Martino (truffle area) and then climbs to Villa Casale and then down again, carefully, until the main road that goes to Chiusure. From here the road climbs continuously in open country up to the front of the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, located between the spectacular gullies (9 km). A visit to the Abbey of the Benedictine monks Olivetani famous, among other things, for their mastery in restructuring and binding of ancient texts Then you set off again towards Asciano on a stretch of asphalt road that winds tightly between the famous Crete Senesi (10 km). From Asciano follow the signs for San Giovanni d'Asso (12 km). With about 8 km of pedalling uphill you reach the junction for Chiusure / Buonconvento but we continue on a ridge road, which allows us to admire from afar the Ragnaia Woods, until it reaches the town. San Giovanni d'Asso is crwoned by the mighty, recently renovated, Castle, now home to the Town Hall. The route continues towards Torrenieri in Prov.le 45 del Brunello for 2 km and then turns right on the dirt road of the Provincial 75 of Pieve a Salti which brings us back to the Farm. The last stretch is mostly uphill with some short areas of relief, surrounded by the beautiful hills of the Crete Senesi.

  2. Siena mountainbike farmhouse
    From the hills and back to the Etruscan Museum | medium difficulty with some demanding stretches | about 40 km

    It 's a path that combines paved stretches, with very low traffic density, with long stretches of gravel road and passes through the woods of the Murlo Mines (also suitable for cross country lovers).

    The initial section, which takes you from Pieve a Salti and through the town centre of Buonconvento is in asphalt until you reach the dirt road that leads us slightly uphill in the direction of the farm La Piana and the surrounding Pieve di Piana (Church Plebana entitled S. Inoccenza with adjoining Canonica). Through the Sangiovese vineyards that surround it, along a narrow road and steeply downhill, before you enter into a more comfortable gravel road, which runs along the Pieberti farms and Santa Marcella, leading us to the provincial (asphalt) road to the height of Bivio Delle Pietre. Turning left, with a climb of about 1km, you will reach the junction for the Befa from where the road is again gravel and scenic for about 6 / 7km. In the area of La Befa, 500mt before the tiny rural village, you takes a steep right on a forest lane downhill, leading to the creek ford Crevole before going across and up on the bridge a former railway line that leads us, through a marked path ( 2.3 km - white and red), to the iron mines of Murlo. A stunning stretch that winds through the woods on the slopes of rocky suspended Montepertuso monastery with the Crevole stream flowing down below. At the end of the trail you can see the remains of Mines, part renovated and inhabited. From here, the narrow asphalt road begins to climb steeply with sharp switchbacks taking us in front of the small town of Murlo enclosed in its medieval walls where you can visit the Etruscan Museum. Going up the paved road, after a slight uphill stretch, you start going down to Buonconvento where we’ll find ourselves again at the Junction called Bivio Delle Pietre (4.3 km) to retake the dirt road (1km already traveled the first leg) to the junction for Quarantallina farm. The stretch that goes up to the farm alongside a lake is very steep but short. At the end of the climb a sigh of relief and then pass under the watchful eyes of the strange iron sculptures made of old farm tools that the owner of the farm Quarantallina has placed in front of the garden entrance. The dirt track we cross takes us through a ridge of the Senesi Hills overlooking the Val d'Arbia which we will then cross to return to Pieve a Salti. We descend the steep roads, passing the Salmtennano Castle until reaching Podere Colombaio from where, before the bridge goes over the railway, we turn right to launch into the last 4 km (always dirt road) before arriving in the village of Buonconvento. A stop in this medieval town, where Henry VII died in 1313 after conquering it, it is worth considering. In addition to the historical center you can also visit the Museum of Sacred Art and the Farming Museum. Now there are only 2.5 km to finish before a well-deserved shower in the Farmhouse.